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Artist Connections

Artist Connections

Don & Serena David

These two are some of my favorite people in the world. Don and Serena have an incredible talent and eye for elegance. They will not only WOW you with their jewelry designs, but also with their sense of humor and fantastic friendship. You must see their truly lovely glass and silver jewelry, created using the lost wax process. You will be amazed! Guaranteed!! Check them out at - Also take a look at their show schedule here and track them down. Tell them Tonya says Hello.

Karina Llergo

I was lucky enough to be in the booth beside Karina at the Arts, Beats & Eats Art Festival in Michigan last year. What an amazing artist she is. She is also such an incredibly interesting free spirited woman. Karina creates beautiful one of a kind paintings. Karina's style is unique to her love of water and dance. You will see in her paintings detailed figures in the reflections of water with a dripping effect in areas. You must see it to appreciate her work. I know I dont do it justice by explaining it. Karina is truly a good friend and a lovely lady. Check her out at

David Sandidge

I was lucky enough to meet David in Alexandria VA and his glass work is sure to floor you. David is truly a talented glass artist. Check out his website at

Emma Greenhill

During my participation in the Cedar Key Art Festival I was blessed to meet Emma. She is super talented and so so sweet. You can see Emma's work on her website at

You are sure to be WOW'd by her work, it is a reflection of her spirit.

Jurate Phillips Art

Jurate Phillips

You are going to be wow’d by this artist, just as I was. Jurate (Yura) has such amazing skill as a painter. Her work captured me right away. While doing Shadyside in Pittsburgh August 2018 I went for my morning coffee. Right outside “The Coffee Tree” was this beautiful lovable artist. Her paintings are truly captivating. Vist her website Here or visit her on Facebook and Instagram at gourmetartstudio.

Jill Banks artist

Jill Banks

I have known Jill for several years as we both live in Virginia and do alot of shows together. I just love Jill and her whitty personallity, she is so easy to love. Her work portrays emense skill and her love of traveling. Her trips throughout the US and abroad come alive in her paintings.She is one of my favorite pleinair painters. You are sure to be inspired when you meet her. Check her out at Be sure to check out her blog and follow her travels at

Pia Savell schliesseit art

Pia Schliesseit

Pia has been a good friend for a long time. We do alot of shows together. Pia has an amazing spirit, always looking on the bright side. Her craftmanship is amazing. She creates beautiful natural wood boards that can be used for both serving and/or cutting. Her boards truly capture the essense of the wood itself. She has incredible vision and ability to stay true to the piece of wood she is working with. Check her out at

Steve Wewerka

I met Rachel & Steve at the Lincolnshire Art Festival in Illinois. This couple are very talented and are all around great folks. We got to know each other over dinner after the show and I can't wait to see them again. You just have to see the amazing photography that these two capture. Go to Be sure to check out the show schedule and catch up with them. They have an amazing edgey collection - when you see them ask to see the musical instrument collection.

Photo of Sidney Carter

Sidney Carter

Bill & I have known Sidney for several years and it is always a true blessing to do a show with him. Sidney is an amazing painter and an incredible man. Always looking at the bright side of any situation, I just love this guy and you will too. Sidney is currently in the Atlanta GA area but does lots of traveling to some great shows. You can see more of his work on his website at or his facebook page here. When you see him, give him a hug for us .

Andrew Butler

Andrew Butler

We met Andy, his wife Ana & son Benny at the Orchard Lake Fine Art Show in Michigan. Andy is a photographer and he has an incredible eye. I love how his pieces are framed in antique window frames. It adds so much to the feel of the piece. They do alot of traveling and it is conveyed in his work. Andy and his wife are so light hearted and kind. We really enjoyed spending time with this lovely family. You must take a look at his amazing work and see how it fits into your home. Take a look at his website Here.

Stephon & Yvonne Miller

Yvonne Miller

How we met Stephon & Yvonne Miller.... We pulled into the overnight parking lot at the show and we saw several folks outside.... knowing they were also camping artists, we crashed their party... We really enjoyed spending our evenings with them after the show. And as fate would have it, they were right accross from us in the show. So it was just meant to be. What a lovely couple. Check out their amazing mixed media pieces HERE. They have some cool, light hearted peices. I love this particular one they create that says "Be a fountain, not a drain". Clever! See you guys soon

Boris Kramer

Boris Kramer

You are gonna love this guy. Truly a one of a kind! Boris Kramer was the artist accross from us at the Orchard Lake Fine Art Show in Michigan. Boris made the show so much fun for us. He has a great personality and sense of humor. You are also sure to love his work. He creates metal sculptures, most of his work is figurative and fluid. I was so excited to add his work to my own personal collection. He has an eye for perfection and his work absolutely conveys this. You must check him out.. CLICK HERE

Bob Brown

Bob Brown

At the Berkshire Arts Festival in Great Barrington, I had the pleasure of being between 2 amazing artists. One of those artists was on my bucket list to meet and I was lucky enough to be placed right beside him. In this photo you will see my wonderful husband booth sitting for Bob, enjoying one of his works of art. Bob Brown creates these amazing wooden pieces. His business name says it all "Treemendous Designs". Check him out and tell him I said hello.

Joey Koldare

Joey Koldare

I was blown away by the beautiful works of Joey Koldare. I was lucky enough to have been placed beside her at the Berkshire Arts Festival in Great Barrington Mass. Joey and I were both messmerized by how much our work complemented one another. As you can see in the photo above, this beautiful bar pendant necklace by Koldare Designs goes wonderfully with one of my ombre scarves. It was great to meet you Joey.

Mike Church

Mike Church

I met Mike Church at a Craftsmen Classic show several years ago. Mike has an incredible eye for wood and turns some pretty unique pieces. The image above is a pepper grinder that I purchased for my home. You can find Mike at many shows on the east coast and on the web at Be sure to look Mike up and check out his incredible collection of work.

Bonnie Shanas

Bonnie Shanas

A few years ago, I was doing a show in Arlington Va and during a walk through the show I saw the most amazing artwork. Bonnie Shanas creates figurative sculptures from window screen. She shapes the screen by hand to create these incredibly beautiful wall hangings. You must see it in person to truly appreciate her talent. I occasionally get the opportunity to hang with Bonny and she is an amazing artist, wife, mother and friend.